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Jace | 19 | He/Him

"Galaxy Lungs"

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I'm kind of sad that I'm abandoning tumblr, but this site has so much potential and I really want it to do well.

Anyways I'm Chancey, I used to have 3000 followers on tumblr (stupid flex but ok) so I made a blog dedicated to sharing smaller artists and fostering a creative, supportive community @introvertartstudent. I'll be doing that here as well! So as always, feel free to submit things or tag me in your art and I'll feature it on this blog. This includes music, photography, fiber work, writing, oc's,fanart, sculpture, traditional and digital art, ball jointed dolls,etc..

I don't do ince/st, r/ape, etc. If you need something tagged, please let me know I'll try my best. I know there isn't a black list feature yet but I can work around some things

Please share this if you're an artist so that I can follow you!

may i offer you some......moss

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[[IMAGE:[[40998 thank you....... I was starving


So I saw like a lot of these so far and I guess I'll jump on the bandwagon!

Hey Im Jace, 19 (almost 20) and Im a trans guy using He/Him Pronouns

You can find me on Hellsite OrgiinalTM @prettyxboi

I like and blog about:

-Memes mostly

-TAZ/MBMBAM and really just the Mcelroys

-Video games sometimes I guess (Guess who still love Undertale 2019)

-Learning How to do digital art

-Gay stuff

-Some Marvel Stuff

So yeah Im reaching out to find blog recs and I hope this place is chill